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The “Think” Trail


My first year at BITS had almost finished when I got a call from my Dad saying he had been posted to Delhi. While I was glad that I’m going to return to my parents for the summer vacation, but after hearing this news there was a familiar feeling , not knowing what my home is going to look like .A different feeling and pretty uncommon in civil life .

Hence, I flew to Delhi prepared to be surprised.

I woke up the next morning to find myself in midst of nature. How did I get here? IMG_1085

Surprised I was last night, (so was my dad… typical military dad reaction when son comes home with long hair (=__=)   ) .My dad picked me up at the airport and then we drove on towards our destination and drove and drove……..After travelling more than 60km for a duration which was equivalent to the time my flight took to reach Delhi (All thanks to Delhi traffic) we reached our station. After arrival, I was taken to the ANTE room (refer to ANTE room in Defense Terms and clichés)   where a party was going on (Oh! I couldn’t have asked for a better return to this life) . What had happened was this:  reaching the station in an exhausted by traffic condition in the night I couldn’t really see the station. When I woke up from my super-sound sleep (owing to the exhaustion and the good food) , I came out of the suite to see the plethora of greenery around me .The isolation of this station  was brilliant and nobody could have guessed that it was 40km from the capital of INDIA. The explorer in me woke up in the evening when I went for a jog around!

The thing with jogging in an unknown place is the feeling of uncertainty. I feel jogging in an unknown place is a lot like life  .The safer  you feel about the unknown place the more you enjoy and the better you understand your path. Similarly in life, if you feel safe with whatever you do then venturing out in unknown territory doesn’t seem like such a difficult task .Life’s  like an unknown territory due to the enormous amount of uncertainty involved at each step. Feeling safe is a choice.                                                                        Willpower and thought control both life and jogging. As a huge line of thought drew in my head I jogged along.

I had just started to observe my surroundings when I saw a magnificent creature, something I hadn’t seen before. Something which looked like this


Blue bull is a shy creature which is pretty scared of humans (phew!) . Deer + Horse + Cow 😀  .

I also spotted hundreds of peacocks, majestically waving their vibrant feathers . Apart from these 2 , the Eucalyptus covered jungles awed me and I half suspected the serenity of the trail to have influenced my line of thought ,Hence the title. A simple jogging trip turned so much more! 😀 😀

Here are the peacocks  :



3 thoughts on “The “Think” Trail

  1. eamanshrivastava says:

    Could you elaborate more….Because am new to this ! So some help would be great ! and Chetan Bhagat…? I’d take that as a compliment 😛

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