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Defense Terms and Clichés

This blog post is mostly going to be about some terms and particular things associated to the defense forces which normally no one would know about  (All in good humour , of course 😀 )

ANTE room

This room has by far been the most forbidden room to every defense kid at every station. As I grew up, my curiosity increased as to what mysteries and myriad treasures lay in that room.


The mystery was revealed one day and it turned out to be a normal hall with a pretty fancy interior decoration and showpieces (reason why kids weren’t allowed) .A hall in the Officer’s mess which was used only for high profile parties (parties where kids were not allowed …  ) .

Christmas Party

Pretty Ob what it means. Reason I included this is A LOT of memories of my childhood and subsequent years are associated with it  🙂 🙂

And the significance to the defense kid : A party exclusively for children , Cultural Programmes  (by kids) ,food , magic shows ,games ,a ride in  SANTA’s sleigh (…which was AWESOME)  A post coming up on the same 😀 😀


Senior Officer’s Daughter’s Association

Yeah. The name says it all: Smart, Bubbly, Gorgeous and Intelligent Defense girls . No more description required.

Bachelors are the most fun people

Bachelors are mostly those who just joined the force (young officers) .They’ll play sports with you, entertain you, dance with you at parties and also let you in their rooms to play games on their laptops . My brother agrees .So do a lot of others  😀 😀 .  They are energetic and very nice people.

Veg Dip /Peanut Chaat 

A characteristic appetizer at almost all the parties which you can never get bored of! Probably due to the mayonnaise 😀


Packers And Movers

Also we kids are trained as packers and movers  😀 as we grow up. We’re better than most professionals when it comes to this. Be it from one station to another or be it temporary accommodation to the status house, we pack and move all the time.

On a more serious note,

Defense life teaches you accommodativeness and adaptability of the highest order. Personal experience has taken me to stations with faulty electricity, dust storms, with no general public around for miles, a confinement after 7:30pm, elephants etc. People learn to live with it and get the best out of it however bleak or  the situation maybe.Utmost patriotism and undying optimism is what I’d use to describe my dad and all the people he works with. I’ve seen the glint in their eyes which says ” I would do everything I can and more for this country” , ah!!  the selfless shine which I wish( everyday )even one of our today’s politicians had.

Our country has reached a stage where the credibility of our government is exponentially going down day by day. The people are fed up , exhausted and have started to question the ways of the government and demanded explanations for the blatant misuse of the tax-payer’s money.  So as a friend remarked, I need to give an ending to each post.  This would be my way , “

Dear taxpayers ,

I have no idea about anything else but when it comes to defense , I assure you , you wouldn’t be disappointed. EVER. As far as I have seen, they are the most reliable and selfless people possible.

Thanks for reading.

P.S If you have a defense related story to share with all of us , send me 😀 email id is given in the widget on top


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