The BITSian Need


-Aman Shrivastava

This one is exclusively for the to-be BITSians, their parents and anyone you (people who read my blog) might know who has decided to come to BITS. An enlightenment-intending post for first year survival at BITS. I’ve tried to make it as campus independent as possible, taking in inputs from other students of all campuses and the internet. The main influence is from: . It’s an exhaustive list for Pilani going students. And I should add its one of the finest pieces of information available. I intend to build a similar one for the Goa Campus.

First of all I must congratulate each of you who got selected in INDIA’s most competitive entrance exam, the BITSAT. Skipping the “Life is a race” speech (3 Idiots reference), this rightly frames it: “Cherish the achievement since it sets you apart and bask in its glory while you can. You deserve it.”


A year has gone by since my escape from the cauldron of entrance exams, coaching institutes, tremendous parental/peer pressure and the humongous effort to get to someplace nice. After receiving my selection letter to BITS-Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus as a BE (Honors) of Computer Science I was excited but rather clueless about the way colleges work, what to take/leave for hostel, and details of how to go about it. I searched online talked to seniors on forums but then found stuff in bits and pieces, no exhaustive list of things to do, things to take to hostel etc etc. So given below is an almost exhaustive list of the same and a PEEK to the hostels of the Goa Campus. Please leave a comment in case of hugs or bugs. And ping me on Facebook if you have any doubts.

Hostel List

Things you need not bring and can buy from here

There is one supermarket called “Borkars” inside the Goa campus catering to the need of the students, faculties and their families. Also a little shop is set up in the common rooms of the fresher’s hostels selling the basic necessities for the initial few days. Rooms in Goa and Hyderabad campus are single occupant. Pilani campus has rooms for 2 people too.Basically your room will be provided with a cot, an attached table, wardrobe, a mirror, 1 tube light, 1 fan, curtain wire and a stone shelf.


  1. Mattresses #You’ll get all kinds (cotton, coir, KurlOn) of mattresses right here at the time you report to campus, gracing the common room of fresher’s hostels.
  2. Pillows
  3. Cushions
  4. Bedside Mats

Hostel Room Requirements

  1. Spike Guards
  2. Locks # You better bring your own, locks here aren’t of the best quality and rates are high.
  3. Table Lamps # You can buy a medium quality table lamp from Borkars
  4. Broom #Hopefully you will be cleaning your room from time to time
  5. Dusting Cloth
  6. Dustbins and Dustbin polybags
  7. Doormats
  8. Curtain wire (A wire has been provided for curtains in each hostel room)


  1. Bathing Soaps (Please take bath everyday junior, the average number of people doing the same is pretty low)
  2. Shampoo
  3. Face Packs (and god knows what all)
  4. Hair Oil/Gel
  5. Comb
  6. Toothbrushes, Toothpaste
  7. Shaving Kit( from Park Avenue to Mach 3 Turbo)
  8. Washing Powder and Brush (There are 2 laundries here but paying for it all the time can burn a hole in your pocket costs lie from 6-10 Rs per cloth )
  9. Buckets and mugs
  10. Hand wash (Dettol is available)


  1. Talc
  2. Deodorants (you will need it!)
  3. Creams and Moisturisers

Miscellaneous and Stationary

  1. Medicines (I shall warn you against self-medication, please don’t bring YOUR OWN MEDICINES, there’s a medical centre here for all of that)
  2. School Bag
  3. Newspapers (to line the wardrobe and the shelf)
  4. For all text books, there are seniors and 2 bookstores at the shopping centre.
  5. Pens, Pencils etc (There’s a stationary shop)
  6. Rough Papers/Books
  7. Scientific Calculator
  8. Stapler and Punch holes
  9. Hangars for clothes

Mobile Connections are available with ample student offers and range when freshers come to campus.

Things you don’t get here and need to buy back home

All campuses are slightly away from civilization hence the stuff that follows is a little difficult to procure in the Goa and Pilani Campuses. There is virtually nothing immediately outside either of the campuses. I’ll cover this in another post.

Clothing and Footwear

  1. Shirts: Preferably 6 , to last the week
  2. Jeans: 3 should do (In Goa , people prefer shorts and Bermudas)
  3. Suits: You wouldn’t use it unless you are part of the Coordination Committee of some fest or you manage to get a date for the waves BALL (unlikely >.<  in the girl to guy ratio here)
  4. Raincoats/ Windcheaters/ Umbrellas (Flash rain! all the time!) : At least 1
  5. Towels:2
  6. Undergarments: As many as possible >.<
  7. Handkerchiefs:4
  8. Hand Towels:2
  9. Swim Suit: We don’t have a pool but it’s still GOA!
  10. Slippers:2 pair, one rubber(to roam at the beaches) and one normal use
  11. Sports Shoes
  12. Sandals
  13. Formal Shoes (see Suits ^ )


  1. Anything more/or something I might have missed above.


  1. Bed sheets: 2-4
  2. Pillow Covers 2-4
  3. Thin Blanket  #No quilts in Goa especially


Here is something a lot of freshers want to know, which books to get and which to leave…Here’s a list of books that might help any fresher at least in the first sem: Solomon’sand Fryhle Organic Chemistry, JD LEE Inorganic Chemistry, Atkins Physical Chemistry (if you ever had it), any Math reference, get your coaching notes, they might come in handy.

Sports Equipment

  1. Badminton Rackets/Tennis Rackets (These are not provided by the institution)
  2. Sports Gear (It’s difficult to find proper gear in Goa)
  3. Basketballs of brands other than NIVIA (provided by the institution) are always appreciated 😀

Necessary Things

  1. Academic Original Documents (To be submitted for verification, as mentioned in the instructions in the admission letter), Attested Xeroxes of the same! ##Do whatever is asked by management!!
  2. Other Personal Documents (The anti ragging affidavit, Passport, Aadhaar Card #if you know what that is, Passport sized photos at least 20!)
  3. Alarm Clock
  4. Pendrive
  5. Laptop /PC: You can read below and decide.
  6. Iron (for your clothes)
  7. Clips to hang your clothes (Ropes are provided by the hostel)
  8. Torch /Emergency Light
  9. Bring anything that interests you or you have a passion for!
  10. Gamepad ,Joystick, Consoles

Pros: Most of the faculty teaches using slides and textbooks being too huge to read at times, the slides help a lot. Students with EG (Engineering Graphics can practise in their rooms itself. It’s a huge utility around exam time since you can get the past years question papers available at a click.

Cons: A huge distraction indeed. As Deepak remarked, you are going to end up as entertaining the whole corridor at least.

That completes the list as exhaustive as I could make it.


  • How does the college academics function? (Not a lot of people ask this, but you should know this! Its important)
  • Students make their own Time Tables , they have the option of selecting faculty,days,labs etc. Basically a flexible system based on randomly generated priority numbers called PR numbers assigned to each student before every registration. Registration being the process which allows you to make the timetable. So for parents who must be wondering how many sections or who are your teachers ? The reply would be Its all variable. The number of sections depend on the number of teachers available and who teaches you depends on who is available at the time of your registration depending on your PR number.Teachers change each Semester.
  • How does the college test the students ?
  • 3 major exams :Test 1, Test 2 and the Comprehensive apart from the numerous lab tests and weekly quizzes.
  • How are the hostels ? (Goa Campus )
  • Well planned and constructed, most hostels have a common room in the middle (which has Table Tennis , Carom and a 40inch LED TV ) and 3 floors.Each  floor has roughly 60 rooms and 4 bathroom complexes.All hostels have solar heated water and a geyser in each complex.Each floor also has a water cooler. Recently a badminton court has been put into place in each hostel.
  • How are the rooms ?
  • Rooms contain a cot, an attached table, wardrobe, a mirror, 1 tube light, 1 fan, 1 wooden chair,curtain wire and a stone shelf. 2012-07-28 09.58.29
  • Are the hostels hygienic ?How many times are they cleaned ?
  • Yes, hostels are hygienic but any student’s hostel room totally depends on him,though the cleaning staff is kind enough to do the jhadoo-pocha in 20 bucks. The hostel corridors and the bathrooms are cleaned twice a day. They are cleaned once a week by a machine.
  • Is there a ragging problem at BITS ?
  • Not at all. Each student is made to sign an Anti Ragging affidavit. BITS is one of the safest place for students when it comes to this. Although a friendly introduction to seniors happens at most fresher parties.
  • Is the campus safe and secure ?
  • Yes the campus is guarded 24*7 and well equipped with CCTV cameras and a security force which is always present at the main gate. Passes are issued without which you can’t even peek inside the campus.
  • Yeh BITS-Pilani Goa mei bhi hai ?
  • The eternal question, when its thrown to Goa-Bound freshers , they are left quite blank-faced. Here’s the reply to all the people who are not aware of this campus. Sirs/Madams please wake up, its been there for almost 10 years now flourishing in all directions and fields. Most people don’t know why our campus is prefixed with a “BITS-Pilani” , its because Pilani is the parent university and is the only one reserves the right to award degrees whilst all campuses function independently.
  • Parental Anxiety #1:How frequently do the students visit beaches ?
  • This is mostly dependent on the student. The outings are limited due to costs and the distances involved which are both pretty high. Although once in while students do go out , forming large groups. Most of the beaches have life guards and warning signs.
  • Parental Anxiety #2: Because its Goa …umm…What about liquor and drugs ?
  • I wouldn’t say its completely free of the above, but compared to other reputed colleges the problem is minimal. A very positive point being, no senior forces you to do any of these, rest is left to your will and your ability to resist temptation. Personal experience provides enough evidence.
  • How is the mess ?
  • The mess food is quite decent. There are two dining halls A and C. Both have decent menus. Regular meals are provided 3 times a day. Meals are balanced. Messes are clean, here have a look !2012-07-28 11.16.29 2012-07-28 11.22.16
  • What basic facilities are provided by the campus?
  •  A state of the art, fully equipped student activity center (SAC) which contains various courts for Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton , football,  a gym, an Art room and a music room are present. A medical center capable of dealing with all kinds of situations but charges you for medicines. A shopping center which has BORKARS: the supermarket, a stationary shop, one vegetable/fruit shop, a SBI outlet and ATM, a barber shop, a beauty saloon,2 bookstores and 2 laundries. One of the biggest auditoriums in India! Have a look!
  • 2012-07-31 17.13.23
  • The classrooms contain decent furniture and multimedia for interactive studies. This can be seen here! Classroom
  • Since its Goa, it must rain a lot ….?
  • Our campus has sheltered pathways throughout the campus so that you can get anywhere anytime. The pathways lead right from the hostel gate to the main building ,linking all the hostel
  • Breakfast !  Lunch ! Dinner Timings !
  • Breakfast is served from 7:30 am to 10:00 am , after which it becomes difficult to get a proper breakfast. Lunch is served from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm . Dinner from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm .
  • Is that it ? Is there just a mess at Goa Campus ?
  • Well there’s plenty when it comes to eat! Institute Cafeteria (IC) , Ice and Spice (: for juices, shakes, ice creams, maggi noodles etc) , Nescafe outlet , Monginis bakery outlet and of course the Night mess .

The Goa campus is one of the most aesthetically appreciated college campuses in India. Quite true, even my canon ixus point and shoot agrees.2012-07-28 12.43.22 2012-07-28 11.28.17More information coming right away!!


229 thoughts on “The BITSian Need

  1. Siddhanth says:

    Hi Aman, I have got into Bits Goa with dual Msc Biology, I will not be filling the pink slip as I am looking for an upgradation . But unfortunately if I do not get one then what is the best combination I could I get with Msc Biology for the next 5 years. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Siddhanth,
      I think you should freeze your options. Anyways, you’ll only be getting any other MSc degree elsewhere and it takes a lot of effort to come to one campus and then travel to another, adjust there and catch up with studies. I think your best play here would be to work hard to get a dual with CS. Computer Science has a lot of applications in Bio and this combo will really help you. I have known a lot of students who went abroad to be researchers in genome sequencing etc because of their dual background in Bio and CS.
      PS Use this dual degree to your advantage!

  2. Ramakeerthi says:

    Hey I’m from Bangalore and am currently studying in 11th grade (cbse)

    1. Anything you would suggest me to get a good BITSAT score (want computer science)

    2. How often will I get to go home?Holidays?

    BTW Thanks for all the info

    Pls Reply

  3. Supriya singh says:

    Hi i want to know about the water quality in goa as in is it good for drinking and for hair or does one have to rely on mineral water bottles.

  4. Hemant says:

    How far is the beach from campus?
    Do students go for ni8 outs?
    Do students here use costly stuff like ipad and macbook ?
    How much pocket money is needed at an average for enjoying life at campus?
    Lastly what is the standard of bitsat examination annd how to prepare and go for it?

    • There are a lot of beaches in Goa. The nearest one to Campus is Bogmalo (~8km). Yes, some students go for trips. Yeah, students do use iPads and macbooks. Pocket money you’ll have to figure out on your own.

  5. Snehasis Chakraborty says:

    Thanx ..for the info… Aren’t there amphitheatre like class as shown in 3 idiots.. In bits??

  6. Aruna, mother of fresher says:

    Hi,great effort, good job, very informative. Ty so much for detailed information. This blog really helpful to each fresher and the parents. I am really worried about drugs n alcohol. Can you please tell me any incidents happened in the campus about these things.
    I am really very lucky to found this blog.
    Your parents are very lucky to have a son like you. God bless u dear.

  7. electriczdanish says:

    Hey thanks for this article. I just have one question, and it may be stupid but… Guys can grow long hair or their beard right?

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